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When it comes to market research, a "one size fits all' model" model cannot be applied. That's why we would like to have a chat with you. Our experience could support your projects and maybe take the opportunity to offer new approaches to meet your objectives. intraTeam has almost three decades of experience which we would gladly share with you. > contact

Focus Groups

Medical staff, doctors, housewives, children: Different kinds of focus groups all need their own specialized moderator. We offer a large pool of specialised moderators you can choose from.

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With our years of experience we recruit very efficiently. Participants are recruited efficiently and professionally, resulting in quotas met 100%. Why settle for less experience?

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Conducting face-to-face interviews is one of our core skills. Product taste tests, home use tests, concept testing, acceptance testing... We know what's important and are committed to giving your surveys our full support and expertise.

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Mr. Hirschler

Evaluation, data-processing & presentation

To translate a wide range of findings into accurate figures within a clear graphical presentation: Mr. Hirschler takes on this challenging task to deliver vital information with visual appeal.

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Mr. Hirschler